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Watch A Hack Lose To A Flack

The following arrived in my inbox recently:

Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Wreck-It Ralph" Scores Big with Composer Henry Jackman, Plus Original Music from Skrillex, AKB48, Owl City and Buckner & Garcia

Excuse me?


Aside from "Walt Disney" none of this makes sense to me. I can read all the letters, and make out all the words but ...

News is a funny thing. We journalists get all sorts of odd emails begging for free publicity. We laugh at some PR efforts. We scream at others.

And here's a hint, we ignore 99 percent of it. I sometimes think the folks sending these emails don't really care if anyone responds or not.

Press button. Get paid.

Then again, I am sure they could throw darts at reporters who have all sorts of annoying foibles -- and some a lot more damaging to mankind than this.


Ultimately, I lost this round anyway. I took the silliest email of the day, and wrote about it.