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Taser Death Investigation Involving Sheriff's Deputies Underway

Authorities Tuesday released the name of a man who died following a struggle with deputies at an East County residential complex.

Mark Roshawn Adkins, 54, was pronounced dead at a hospital shortly before noon Saturday, about three hours after residents in the 8100 block of Lemon Grove Way reported seeing him jumping over fences into people's yards and trying to get into homes, according to sheriff's officials.

"The callers also said the suspect was acting as if he were under the influence of drugs,'' Lt. Kenneth Nelson said.


Finding Adkins in a patio area at a townhouse complex, two deputies repeatedly ordered , the Lemon Grove resident to get down on the ground. Adkins refused, prompting the deputies shoot him with electric stun guns.

The suspect collapsed to the ground but promptly tried to stand again.

"A second round of (shocks) was deployed, with the same minimal effect,'' Nelson said.

At that point, the deputies rushed the suspect and were able to pin him down and handcuff him.

Paramedics were evaluating and treating Adkins at the scene of the confrontation when he passed out. An ambulance crew then took him to a trauma center, where was pronounced dead.


A cause-of-death ruling is on hold pending completion of postmortem exams, including toxicology screenings.

According to deputies, the man did not respond to multiple calls to lie on the ground. A cause of death will be determined by the Medical Examiner's Office.