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"The Parker Edison Project" Podcast Returns for Season Two

“The Parker Edison Project” podcast is back for Season 2 with new answers to the question “what makes a culture?” In each of its upcoming 10 episodes, host and co-creator Parker Edison leads insightful conversations about creativity and community, all through the lens of Black America. Episodes will be released every two weeks on Wednesdays beginning March 9, 2022.

This time around “The Parker Edison Project” explores culture in San Diego and how it plays out in our everyday lives - like how nature affects our mental health, and how freeways can divide communities. It also uncovers the forgotten history of San Diego, and the events that helped shape the city.

First season we touched on cultural tenets like religion, sex and fashion. This season we are discussing how culture touches people’s day-to-day lives. It is more facts than investigation, less conversation and more storytelling,” says Parker.

Also back by popular demand are “Movies Millennials Should Movie” and “Six Degrees of Separawayans.”

Parker is a member of the award-winning art-rap group Parker Meridien, a TedX alumni, and winner of the Local Peacemaker Award from the National Conflict Resolution Center. As an executive producer for the Reclaiming the Community Music Project, he helped bring the community together, and shine a light on the gifted storytellers of Southeast San Diego.

“The whole season is really interesting, but the first episode is one of my favorites. It is very much focused on an homage to the Notorious B.I.G., and March 9 - the day this episode is released - is the day of his passing. So we did the whole episode as an homage to him, and also tied into San Diego. We even feature an unreleased song by a San Diego artist doing a track that's an homage to Biggie,” says Parker.

The podcast trailer is available here.

“The Parker Edison Project” is funded in part by the KPBS Explore Local Program Fund, a programming initiative to give voice to the many diverse stories of San Diego.

You can subscribe to the series now by visiting, or search “Parker Edison Project” on your favorite podcast app.

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