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Channeling Hockney's iPad At San Diego Opera

Dr. Nic Reveles' iPad Demo

I've been working on a TV story about David Hockney's set design for the San Diego Opera's production of "Turandot," which opens on Saturday. I'll be posting that video tomorrow so check back - or you can tune into San Diego Week on KPBS-TV.

Hockney not only loves opera, he also loves his iPad. The Atlantic had a great story about this last month.

In an LA Times story just this week, Hockney talks about how he uses the iPad:

"What fascinates me is not just technology but the technology of picture-making," says Hockney. "I spend more time painting, of course, but I treat the iPad as a serious tool. The iPad is influencing the paintings now with its boldness and speed."

While we were down at the Civic Theater shooting our "Turandot" story, Dr. Nic Reveles was kind enough to demonstrate the iPad app that Hockney uses. Reveles is the Geisel Director of Education for the Opera and a frequent guest on KPBS programs.