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Most MTS Passengers Are Following Face Covering Rules

Mike Damron
A man with a face covering exits an MTS trolley at the Old Town transit center, May 7, 2020.

The Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) says people riding its buses and trolleys must wear face coverings to comply with a county health order and while most have been in compliance, two tickets have been written.

MTS said Thursday two people have been cited in the last week for not wearing face coverings on its buses or trains. A spokesperson for the transit system said the goal is to educate and not write citations.

People at the Old Town transit station Thursday said the vast majority of people they've seen on MTS buses and trolleys are wearing face coverings.


"Everyone is being compliant, keeping their distance and wearing face masks," said Richard Upa, who lives on a boat near Shelter Island.

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Most MTS Passengers Are Following Face Covering Rules

Others echoed the same sentiment.

"(The) Majority of people are wearing face coverings," said Gerald Milburn who lives in the Old Town area. "You see some here and there that are not (wearing face coverings)."


Some have noticed people who do not have their mouth and nose covered but do not feel comfortable telling them to put a face covering on.

"I see a lot of people doing it. Not everybody, but if they’re sitting away I’m not going to be the mask sheriff because it’s not helpful," said Kirk Laughead who lives in Mission Valley.

MTS officials said if there is a problem with someone not wearing a face covering on a bus, the driver can notify security who will contact that individual at the next stop. A spokesperson said compliance has been very good and most who are not wearing them said they were unaware of the requirement.

MTS has put up signs notifying people of the face-covering requirement and encouraging social distancing, but the transit system says compliance is largely a personal responsibility and officials are asking everyone to do their part.

Most MTS Passengers Are Following Face Covering Rules
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