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COVID-19 In San Diego: Mapping Cases By ZIP Code

See the breakdown of coronavirus cases by neighborhood.

San Diego County Health and Human Services recently began providing data breaking down confirmed COVID-19 cases by ZIP code.

KPBS has mapped out those cases across the county using their data, which gets updated daily.

The data represents the residence of the person who was infected, not the site of transmission. County health officials have frequently stressed that they don't want the public to read too much into the data because the numbers only represent a portion of actual COVID-19 cases.

Click on the map to display the number of cases per ZIP code. This map does not display confirmed cases with an unknown ZIP code.

The county clarified the data in a statement on their website: "Public health officials say the data does not really indicate much, except where the positive cases reside. It does not show where the person contracted the virus. In some instances, the data also includes the ZIP codes of the hospital where patients were tested, especially if the patients did not have an address.

San Diegans should know that since there is community spread, it is possible to contract COVID-19 in any region, city, or ZIP code of the county. However, many of the early cases contracted the illness outside of the County."

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San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher added people in some areas might have more access to testing.

"We believe there are positive cases in every single ZIP code in San Diego County," Fletcher said. "Some areas may have greater access to health care and a doctor who can order that test."

Christopher Underwood
Christopher Underwood is a former web producer for KPBS. Prior to joining KPBS, Chris worked for KFMB for two years as their digital editor. In that role, he was responsible for covering breaking news online, writing web stories, copy editing and managing the station's website and mobile app. Chris holds a B.A. in radio and television broadcasting from San Francisco State University.