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Medical Team Ambushed In Afghanistan


There's more information this morning on the victims, and for that go to NPR's Kabul bureau chief Quil Lawrence. Good morning, Quil.

QUIL LAWRENCE: Good morning.


HANSEN: Have any of the victims' names been released?

LAWRENCE: So we've been able to deduce who two of the members were and one is Dr. Tom Little, an optometrist who lived here in Afghanistan for over 30 years. And another was a young optical surgeon from the U.K., Dr. Karen Woo.

HANSEN: Can you tell us more about the group itself?

LAWRENCE: Karen Woo, the young doctor from the U.K., I had a chance to meet at a fundraiser before she left on this trip. And she combined - you can see this if you read some of her blogs online - she combined sort of a seriousness about what she was doing, the charity work that she said she enjoyed and she was also - there was a lot of really trivial stuff, a lot of playful stuff on her blog posts about having dresses made by tailors here and kittens here in Kabul. And she was engaged to be married.

HANSEN: Are there any more details on the ambush?


LAWRENCE: One tends to think that some of these people who were fluent Dari speakers would have been able to talk their way through this, being charity workers as they were, if they had actually had a chance to talk. So it's possible that the cars were just shot without questions asked at a Taliban roadblock.

HANSEN: NPR's Quil Lawrence in Kabul, thank you, Quil.

LAWRENCE: Thank you. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.