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The 1970s

KPBS' first program guide, published in 1970.
KPBS file photo
KPBS' first program guide, published in 1970.

In October of 1970, the station officially changes the call letters to KPBS and lengthens its daily radio broadcast to eighteen hours.

The first program guide is published in 1970 with Gloria Penner as editor. In 1971, KPBS establishes a membership program and holds its first ever pledge drive - more than 1,500 people join. KPBS Television converts to color in March 1972. Also in 1973, Tom Karlo (now the General Manager of KPBS) begins his career as a student in the production unit.

New programs for KPBS radio during the seventies include "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition". KPBS TV debuts "Masterpiece Theatre," "Sesame Street," "The Robert MacNeil Report," "NOVA," and "That’s 30 with Gloria Penner".


KPBS establishes the Radio Reading Service, providing a vital service to the visually impaired. By the end of the decade, KPBS membership nears 30,000 and the program guide is named "On Air" and moves to color.