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What Learning Looks Like

KPBS is exploring What Learning Looks Like at the cellular level to help us understand how learning happens — or should happen — in our everyday lives.

What Learning Looks Like: Decoding Social Cues On The Autism Spectrum

What new research out of San Diego State tells us about autism, and social blunders in general.

What Learning Looks Like: Creating A Well-Tuned Orchestra In Your Head

Standardized testing has put an intense focus on reading and math in U.S. schools, causing enrollment in arts classes to plummet. So scientists are conducting their own tests — in the form of MRIs and EEGs — to make the case for bringing arts education back.

What Learning Looks Like: The Art And Science Of Classroom Transitions

When young children do not follow demands, it is not because they are ignoring you or choosing to misbehave. It is because they lack something called "cognitive flexibility."

What Learning Looks Like: Researcher Teaches Fake Words To Watch Learning Happen

A San Diego State professor is teaching kids made-up words to better understand the vocabulary gap and help close it.