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North Park's Part Time Lover pictured in this undated photo.
Ally Bacaj, KPBS
North Park's Part Time Lover pictured in this undated photo.

New vinyl listening bar blends sound and spirits

If you've ever wondered what happens when you mix a bar with a record store, then North Park's Part Time Lover has the answer.

The recently opened hybrid music lounge offers patrons a high-fidelity twist to go along with their highballs. Patrons are treated to curated live DJ sets featuring tunes spun from vinyl records.

It also signified a partnership between the San Diego hospitality group Consortium Holdings and the iconic San Diego record store Folk Arts Rare Records.


KPBS Midday Edition spoke with Folk Arts owner Brendan Boyle, who also helps coordinate music curation for the bar's nightly sets. He created a special playlist of songs that encapsulate the musical vision of Part Time Lover.

Here are those tracks:

'Blue Prelude' by Ethel Ennis

Boyle: This is just a beautiful track off of Ethel Ennis' first record, "Lullably for Losers." It features Hank Jones on piano and Kenny Clark on drums. We play a lot of music like this at Part Time Lover where it's slow, relaxed, a little moody, a little historical and it just sounds amazing on that sound system.

'The Big Ship" by Brian Eno


Boyle: Brian Eno is an ambient music pioneer, and we like to dabble in music like this recording where you don't really need to describe. It's beyond words, or beyond description; it's otherworldly and experiential, and it's beautiful.

'Vacation from my Mind' by Jeanette Baker

Boyle: This is an obscure, early-'70s soul track that's nice, relaxing kick-back music that represents a lot of the music that we're spinning down there where it just feels right with that beautiful sound system in that beautiful space.

'Wawa by the Ocean' by Mary Lattimore

Boyle: Mary Lattimore is sort of like Brian Eno in that she is an ambient artist — a harpist — and her music is truly beautiful and truly otherworldly. I think the calming, experiential nature of her recordings have played a big influence on the direction that we've taken in the first month of this collaboration; it's just lovely, lovely music.

'Musiqa Heywete' by Getachew Mekurya

Boyle: This particular track blends jazz with tradition Ethiopian music — the ancient Ethiopian melody "tezeta." It's a truly one-of-a-kind recording that transcends borders or style, and it's truly unique.


Harrison Patiño is a producer for "KPBS Midday Edition". His primary roles include story development, and is involved in the audio production and coordination of interview subjects. Prior to joining KPBS, Harrison held various positions at Hawaii Public Radio within its news and music departments. While pursuing a double major in journalism and classics at The University of Hawaii at Manoa, Harrison worked at the school's student-run radio station, KTUH. After graduating, Harrison served as a community advisor for the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Student Media Board.
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