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Roundtable: Convention Center Expansion, Foiled Gadhafi Plot, Escondido Voting Rights

Roundtable: Convention center expansion, Saaid Gadhafi not coming to Mexico and Escondido Latinos want representation.
Guests: Katie Orr, KPBS News metro reporter Ricky Young, Watchdog editor, San Diego Union TribuneDavid Garrick, reporter, North County Times

Watch Friday's show for more on these stories.

On today's roundtable, we'll be discussing several topics.

In local politics, San Diego's City Council is taking steps to create a special tourist-tax district to fund the expansion of the Convention Center.

In a story of national interest, Mexican authorities have foiled a bizarre plot to smuggle a son of Moammar Gadhafi into Mexico from Niger. The plot included a retired Marine and a San Diego security firm.

Finally, in Escondido Latino residents may be filing suit against the city under the California Voting Rights Act of 2001. The residents want election practices changed.