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Strickland Wins in Ohio; Poll Results Still Arriving

NPR is projecting a win for the Ohio governor's office for Democrat Ted Strickland over Republican Kenneth Blackwell. Incumbent Bob Taft (R) had been forced out by term limits.

Most analysts have been predicting that by night's end Democrats would have control of the House for the first time in 12 years. Polls are now scheduled to be closed in 9 states, including Virginia, parts of Indiana and Ohio, states with competitive races in the battle for control of Congress.

But judges have ordered polls to stay open in some places in Ohio and Indiana -- thanks to some early trouble with voting equipment.


NPR's Michele Norris and Melissa Block check in on the races:

From Ohio, we hear from NPR's Luke Burbank, who is at Democratic Party headquarters in Columbus; and Cheryl Corley, who is at the Republican headquarters in the same town.

In Connecticut, there are a number of House races we are watching closely. Rep. Christopher Shays, a Republican, has faced a strong challenge from Democrat Diane Farrell, whom he defeated by 4 percentage points in 2004.

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, running as an independent, is expected to win enough of the Republican vote to defeat Democratic wealthy businessman Ned Lamont, who defeated him in the Democratic primary. Republican Alan Schlesinger, despite being a polished candidate, did not become a factor in the race.

NPR's Bryan Naylor is in Connecticut.


And in New Jersey, Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez is in a tough contest with Republican Thomas Kean Jr., son of the former governor. Voters in the area are said to be motivated by dissatisfaction with President Bush and his work in Iraq.

NPR's Guy Raz is in East Brunswick, N.J.

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