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New Poll Shows Munger's Tax Initiative Gaining Ground

A new poll shows more Californians support tax measures on November’s statewide ballot.

The poll by the California Business Roundtable and Pepperdine University finds wealthy education advocate Molly Munger’s tax initiative is gaining ground.

45 percent of voters approve of Proposition 38. That’s up from 35-percent in July.


Poll Research Director Chris Condon says the increase might be attributed to the voter’s looking only at the ballot’s label rather than the ballot’s title and summary which were used in the first poll. “Titles and summaries specifies for voters that this measure increases taxes on incomes of $7,316 or greater while the ballot label is more vague on its across the board impacts. So we’re attributing that increase in support to that vagueness in language.”

Support for Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s tax measure, has increased slightly as well. 57 percent of voters support the measure compared to 56 percent in July.