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Republicans Form Super PAC On Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Republicans are searching for a way to engage the growing Latino voting bloc that heavily favored President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. Top conservatives publicly changed their stances on immigration. And a new Republican super political action committee has been formed on immigration reform.

The organization, Republicans for Immigration Reform, is spearheaded by Washington insiders Carlos Gutierrez and Charlie Spies. Gutierrez is the former commerce secretary under President George W. Bush and Spies is the co-founder of Romney super PAC Restore Our Future.

The two spoke about the goals of the PAC with the Washington Post:

The organization aims to undermine what organizers call the “extremists” who have pushed party nominees to stake out far-right positions such as opposing a pathway to legalization for millions of illegal workers, students and children.

Even before it raises money and establishes target races for 2014, it will help smooth the way for wavering Republican lawmakers to vote next year for an immigration overhaul.

“There’s currently only energy on the anti-immigration reform side, and we want to be able to provide some cover for Republicans that vote in support of an immigration reform approach,” Spies said.