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Council Approves Ordinance Regulating E-Cigarettes in San Diego

The San Diego City Council granted final approval Tuesday to an ordinance that will regulate vapor inhalers — also known as e-cigarettes — in the same manner as tobacco products.

"Something we heard from businesses, they actually wanted some amount of certainty in how the city approaches e-cigarettes, because it's a new industry," said Councilman Mark Kersey, who guided the ordinance through the council. "From their perspective, if you're a restaurant owner, if you're some kind of a business owner, you don't know how you're supposed to treat these things."

The ordinance will require store owners who sell e-cigarettes to obtain a police permit, and prohibit sales of the devices, vaping juice and other paraphernalia through vending machines.


The use of vapor inhalers will be prohibited in the same types of places where people aren't allowed to smoke cigarettes — such as restaurants, theaters, sports facilities, parks and beaches. Use of the devices will be allowed in vehicles, e-cigarette shops, vaping lounges, and private residences — except for those licensed as daycare centers that have minors present.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer will have 10 days to sign the ordinance. If he signs it, it will go into effect 30 days after Tuesday.