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Quality of Life

Two new affordable housing projects open in City Heights and there's already a waitlist

Wakeland Housing and Development and Price Philanthropies held a grand opening for two affordable housing projects, City Heights Place and City Heights Plaza Del Sol Friday.

The properties include 135, two- and three-bedroom apartments which rent for between $930 and $2150 a month. Residents have to earn less than 60% of the median income, or $82,680 a year for a family of four.

The private family foundation Price Philanthropies has been helping to revitalize City Heights since the early 90s. The foundation donated funding and the land for the developments according to Rebecca Louie, president of Wakeland Housing. The two properties cost $75,165,992 to build.


“We want to continue to develop properties, housing in this community because we need people with particularly families to stay in this community and to support San Diego,” said Robert Price, president of Price Philanthropies.

City Heights Place Resident Lydia Sanchez said she’s started to feel a new sense of security in her home.

"Housing insecurity is no joke," Sanchez said. "I’ve lived with it most of my life. It affects your everyday life and the decisions you make, sometimes under the pressure of housing insecurity wouldn’t be normal decisions you’d make if you didn’t have that."

The units are completely full, but Louie said Wakeland already has a few more properties in the works.