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San Diego Homeless Project

San Diego area media outlets teamed up on Aug. 17 to bring a spotlight on homelessness. Organizing media partners include San Diego CityBeat, KPBS and Voice of San Diego.

Shelters For Homeless Families Shut Out From Federal Housing First Funding

While one emergency shelter for families opens in Vista, another one is closing. That's because of the Housing First policy, which requires providers to offer shelter immediately, without setting conditions.

Toussaint Academy Helps Homeless Teens Go From Couch-Surfing To College

The homeless count done every year vastly underestimates the number of unaccompanied teens in San Diego, homeless advocates say. Finding them could play an important role in reducing the number of people on the streets.

How Downtown San Diego's East Village Became The 'Homeless Ghetto'

Thirty years ago, the city pushed the homeless and the agencies that serve them out of downtown San Diego into the East Village. As the East Village gentrifies, residents, businesses and the homeless wonder what happens now.

San Diego No Exception For LGBT Youth Homelessness Risks

In an effort to address that problem, the LGBT Community Center opened up the Sunburst Youth Housing Project in 2006.

What San Diego Can Learn From Utah About Tackling Chronic Homelessness

In the last decade, Utah has reduced its population of chronically homeless individuals by more than 90 percent. How did the state do it?

Lofty Plans To House San Diego’s Homeless Gaining Traction, Officials Say

The city of San Diego aims to house 1,000 homeless veterans by March 2017, while the county is working to house 1,250 homeless individuals with severe mental illness in the next three years.

Interfaith Shelter Network Seeks Help Of Churches To Aid Homeless

Leaders with Interfaith Shelter Network, a program that helps hundreds of homeless men, women and children, want to do more with the help of San Diego churches.

Mondays Are Moving Day For San Diego's Homeless

Police and city workers arrive early to push out the homeless so the sidewalks can be cleaned

Every Monday morning, police officers and city crews show up in the East Village to move out the hundreds of homeless people living there. By late afternoon, the homeless are back.