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San Diego Jalopy Racers Recreate Homer Simpson's Dream Car

The Homer, complete with Bart and Lisa strapped into the backseat bubble dome.
David Moore
The Homer, complete with Bart and Lisa strapped into the backseat bubble dome.

Remember that episode of The Simpsons when Homer gets to design a car "for the average man," and ends up creating a slime-green monstrosity that bankrupts his half-brother's company? Well, a team of freak car builders in San Diego have recreated Homer's dream car in painstaking detail, gigantic cupholders and all.

In episode 15 of the show's second season, Homer reconnects with his long-lost half-brother Herb, a Detroit automobile magnate. In an effort to win over the average American car buyer, Herb puts Homer in charge of overseeing his company's new model for the everyman.

But Homer comes up with a tacky disaster on wheels, complete with twin bubble domes that separate parents from bickering children, bucket-sized cupholders, three horns for especially angry drivers, shag carpeting, child muzzles, and more tailfins than a school of mutant fish. Thanks to all these inspired details, The Homer costs $82,000 and ultimately ruins Herb's company.


This week, the crew behind Porcubimmer Motors in San Diego unveiled their replication of The Homer in all its hideous glory:

Introducing... The Homer!

The car's horn plays "La Cucaracha," in keeping with Homer's specifications. Porcubimmer even nailed the little bowling man hood ornament.

Team Porcubimmer will debut The Homer this weekend at the 24 Hours of LeMons race in Buttonwillow, CA. To participate in this unusual endurance race, teams are required to spend $500 or less on their cars. Whether or not they actually come in first at the LeMons, the makers of the Homer Car have clearly already won the Internet.