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KPBS News Special Series: Second Opinion

Second Opinion is a Q-and-A series that answered questions San Diegans had about the Affordable Care Act leading up to its full implementation in 2014.

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Your Questions

Tales From Year One Of Obamacare

We revisit participants in our 2013 series on the Affordable Care Act to ask what worked and what didn't during their first year under the full rollout of Obamacare.

Who Participated in Second Opinion?

Second Opinion answered questions about the Affordable Care Act from 24 San Diegans in 2013. The requirements to participate were simple: You had to have a question about Obamacare and you had to do it on camera.

How Will The Feds Enforce The Individual Mandate?

Americans who want health coverage starting Jan. 1 have one more week to sign up for Obamacare. But how will the government know whether they do or not?

Will Obamacare Streamline Care For Disabled People?

The Affordable Care Act will fund a three-year pilot program aimed at streamlining health care delivery to seniors and people with disabilities.

Will Obamacare Help If My Company's Plan Is Too Expensive?

How much is too much when it comes to health care premiums for employer-based coverage? You and the federal government might disagree.

What Does Obamacare Mean For My Paycheck?

We've tackled what you need to know about the Affordable Care Act this year. Now for the long view — will it ever reduce payroll taxes?

Which Mental Health Services Have To Be Covered Under Obamacare?

Insurance providers must cover mental health services, but which ones and how well?

What Does Obamacare Mean For Health Savings Accounts?

A La Jolla resident wants to know if she can window-shop on Covered California if she has a health savings account.

Do Student Health Center Fees Satisfy The Individual Mandate?

A graduate student can get most of her health needs taken care of on campus for a small fee. Does that count as health coverage under the Affordable Care Act?

What If My Income Increases After I Sign Up For Obamacare?

A San Diego artist with a variable income wants to know what happens if she gets a health insurance subsidy, only to find out later she made too much to qualify.

What If I Get Sick Before My Obamacare Coverage Starts?

Nearly 100,000 Californians have started applications on the state's new insurance exchange, Covered California. But completing the process won't mean they can start scheduling check-ups. What happens between October and January?

Can Domestic Partners Apply For Obamacare Coverage Together?

A mechanical engineer's out-of-state employer doesn't cover domestic partners. Can the couple get coverage through California's health insurance exchange?

Does Obamacare Give Employees More Choice Over Coverage?

A Scripps Ranch health care advocate says the Affordable Care Act hasn't necessarily helped consumers who don't like their employer's insurance options.

Does Obamacare Reduce Costs For People With Pre-Existing Conditions?

A University Heights resident with a pre-existing condition wants to know if her wallet will get any relief under the Affordable Care Act.

I'm Nearing Medicare Age. Can I Get Gap Coverage?

A retiring microbiologist considers how to fill a gap in coverage before she's eligible for Medicare.

How Do Former Inmates Sign Up For Obamacare?

Under the Affordable Care Act, many of the California inmates leaving prison under realignment will have access to health coverage for the first time.

Is It Cheaper To Pay The Fine Than To Buy Coverage?

A Rancho Peñasquitos family of eight looks at how the Affordable Care Act will impact its budget.

How Do College Students Fit Into The Obamacare Exchanges?

Between sending transcripts and buying dorm furnishings, a University City mom tries to understand her college student's insurance options.

How Do Undocumented Parents Cover Their Citizen Kids?

A charter school teacher wants to know what to tell undocumented parents about enrolling their citizen children in health plans.

What's A Grandfathered Health Plan?

A Ramona artist weighs whether to stick with her current health plan, which is grandfathered into the Affordable Care Act, or seek a new plan with more protections.

How Does Obamacare Address End-Of-Life Care?

A Mira Mesa woman caring for a friend with Parkinson's disease asks how the Affordable Care Act will help with end-of-life planning and care.

How Will My Military Benefits Be Impacted?

A Vietnam veteran wants to know whether the Affordable Care Act will affect his TRICARE health benefits.

Is Paying The Fine Cheaper Than Offering Health Care?

A flight school instructor wonders whether paying an Obamacare fine makes more financial sense than insuring workers.

Do I Have To Cover My Three Employees?

An Encinitas "solopreneuer" wonders whether she'll have to cover future employees' health care premiums if she decides to take on more workers.

Does Obamacare Cover Acupuncture And Chiropractors?

A City Heights resident turns to alternative medicine after losing her health insurance. Can she keep it up with an Obamacare plan?

Does Mom Qualify For Obamacare With A Green Card?

What immigrants should expect from the Affordable Care Act.

Recent Stories About Obamacare

Majority Of Covered California Enrollees Needed Help To Sign Up

The vast majority of consumers who signed up for a Covered California health plan this year received help with the enrollment process.

Covered California Announces Grace Period For Applicants Who Missed Deadline

Last-minute shoppers are in luck, if health insurance is on their holiday list. Consumers on the state's insurance exchange now have until Sunday to apply for January coverage. But finding enrollment help this weekend could be tough.

Covered California Officials Say Foreign Languages Not A Barrier To Enrollment

Speaking a language other than English or Spanish doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting health insurance through Covered California.

Medi-Cal Enrollment Effort In San Diego County Jails Picks Up

Under the Affordable Care Act, many inmates now have access to health insurance for the first time.

SDSU Encourages 'Young Invincibles' To Buy Health Insurance

San Diego State University is reaching out to students in an attempt to get them to buy health insurance under the new health insurance exchange.

Advocates Say More Immigrants Eligible For Medi-Cal Under President's Executive Action

Immigrant advocates say more immigrants who are in California illegally will be eligible for Medi-Cal under President Barack Obama’s recent executive action granting them deportation relief and work permits.

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