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TCM Classic Film Festival, Part Two

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In part one of my look at the 10th Annual TCM Classic Film Festival I spoke with TCM Film Festival programmer Charles Tabesh. Now for part two, I speak with Fox archivist Schawn Belston about the studio's past, future, and exactly what it is an archivist does. He also discusses some of the strange places he has discovered film elements.

TCM Classic Film Festival celebrates its 10th year and opens with a 30th anniversary screening of "When Harry Met Sally."

TCM Classic Film Festival is a four-day event held in Hollywood and showcasing films from the silents on up into the 1980s. The joy of this event is that while most festivals are about experimenting on unknown quantities TCM Classic Film Festival lives up to its name and presents only classic films that you know going in you will like. So I can see five films in a day and know that each and every one I choose will be great.

One of the great things about the festival is the care they take in screening the best possible version of each film. They helped to pay for The Egyptian Theatre's projection room upgrade so it could show combustible nitrate film prints. They have also paid for new 35mm prints to be struck for film screenings. They want the experience of seeing a movie in a darkened theater to be something transcendent and it usually is.

In part one of this week's podcast I speak with TCM Film Festival programmer Charles Tabesh about many of the films screening at this year's festival and about the special Fox Appreciation presentation.

In part two, I speak with Fox archivist Schawn Belston about the studio's past and possible future as it has just been acquired by Disney.

If you can't go to the festival this podcast will allow you get a taste of what that experience is like and you can seek out the titles we discuss on your own. But if you consider yourself a movie lover then this is a festival you must check out.

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