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Everybody's Doing It With Miss Lolly Season 1 Trailer

 April 21, 2023 at 10:41 AM PDT

S1: Hey there , Beautiful's. Ms.. Lolly here with a new podcast about the role sexuality plays in who we are. We're having conversations with people in restaurants , bars , hair salons , anywhere. People are talking about sex.

S2: You can have confidence in the bedroom just having experience and knowing what you're good at and what not. It can translate over. Also , it can make you have a good day afterward. Let's just say you wake up and have amazing morning sex. Your partner is happy , you're happy. Then you go about your day and you just have confidence all day long about it.

S1: And then we go deeper into these topics with guests who have dedicated their lives to expanding minds and advocating for sexual health.

S3: I always say , like , good sex is not about the ten Tips and Cosmo like ten ways to Blow His Mind. That's not it. It's about learning how to actually connect as human beings. And that can be done in a platonic container , can be done in an erotic container. But all of it comes down to having safety first.

S1: As a special treat , I take you along with me to a couple of classes you may not have known existed.

S4: I have this phrase saving the world one orgasm at a time because we often think our sex lives are superfluous. They're extra. They're not important to pleasure in general is often viewed as who's got time for that ? I'm busy raising my kids. I'm busy making a living When we don't allow ourselves to feel pleasure. We're just we're sort of flat. We're not living our best lives.

S1: It's all in the name of making the unconventional , less intimidating and adult play more fun. So join me for everybody's doing it with Miss Lolly and be part of the evolving conversation about sex and who we are.

“Everybody’s Doing It with Miss Lolly” has intimate conversations with ordinary people and experts in our community about the influences of culture and context on sexuality, and the role sex plays in our everyday lives and in who we are as people.

Sex. It is a driving force behind many of our relationships and paramount to our sense of self. It plays a huge role in our lives and society - influencing politics and laws, religious practices, healthcare, economics and more.So it is no wonder that sex is a big topic of both loud and hushed conversations. Here at "Everybody's Doing It," we make the listener a fly on the wall for ordinary banter about sex and sexuality to highlight important topics using the lens of real people's lives. We then follow those topics deeper into the depths of the human experience with guests who have dedicated their lives to expanding minds and advocating for sexual health. Our goal is to shrink taboos and make the unconventional less intimidating, all while making the listener feel like an expert in their own intimacy and welcome to the conversation.