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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: Books, Surf Rock, New Dance And Myth

 August 28, 2020 at 10:34 AM PDT

Speaker 1: 00:00 Who doesn't need a break from the news. These days, this weekend, the arts in town can offer a little diversion and some understanding about the multiple upheavals going on in the world from writers who know their stuff about social justice to surf rock and new choreography. Johnny me is KPBS arts editor and producer Juliet Dixon Evans with all the details and welcome Julia. Hi Maureen. So the San Diego festival of books takes place tomorrow. What can we expect from this of course, virtual version? Speaker 2: 00:32 I'll for sure. Miss the in person part of all of this, the mingling, the shopping, but now that it's online, there are some parks for sure. Every year, this particular festival has evolved in really big ways for inclusivity, not just the faces on the panels, but in bringing in a wider audience. And so digital is all about access here. Speaker 1: 00:54 Tell us about some of the panels, Speaker 2: 00:56 Another perk for digital. They're able to bring in some top notch talent that might otherwise not cruise through San Diego, Wesley Lowry, Walter Mosley, Henry Winkler. Then there's plenty of local talent too. They have a huge emphasis on social justice and inequality and the panel topics this year with local reporter gene Guerrero's book on Stephen Miller, hot off the press. She'll join reporter Wesley Lowery in a panel. And I moderated a panel about fiction with local writer, Jack gems, and California writer, April Devi, LA Jack gems, his recent collection of short stories as false bingo that just came out last fall and it's delightful and strange. And Davila's new novel, 142 ostriches follows this heart-wrenching tale of mystery and family grief, all set to backdrop of ostrich farming. Also on my radar panels and readings with local poet, Adam Davis, Chris Barron, Gil SOTU and Matt Della Penn. Yeah, and of course, tune in at 10 for the announcement of the KPBS. One book, one San Diego selections for 2020. And I should also add that. Saturday is independent bookstore day and the San Diego book crawl to you. Speaker 1: 02:14 So it's a big day for books. The San Diego festival of books takes place online tomorrow, beginning at 10, all panels and readings will be available for free on demand, live streaming, but registration is required in music. A local surf rock duo has a new album out and we can catch them perform this Saturday. Tell us about where Huerta. Speaker 2: 02:37 Yeah, their debut album. Portugal just came out earlier this month on local label, blind owl. And they're going to do a live stream performance from an empty Casbah. I've seen a few of these shows now broadcast on the Twitch platform and they're really well produced. It's not exactly an in person show, but it's better than anything else we've seen during pandemic. And you can really tell how much bands are thriving on being on a stage in these beloved venues and playing with their band again. And proton is a great band to watch. They have this really send drench sound and they drawn so many other influences to infuse into that surf rock garage, rock indie, pop, jazz, even a little soul. And the opening track call. The doctor has a total mid career Beatles vibe Speaker 3: 03:52 [inaudible] Speaker 2: 03:55 That was called the doctor from San Diego band, Puerto prior to a live streams from the Casbah tomorrow at 8:30 PM via Twitch. What's going on in the dance world this weekend, Julia. Yeah, they're Roslyn box project. They hit the ground running with really innovative virtual contemporary dance events early on in quarantine. And this month they're going to feature five new works of choreography, all world premieres by a bunch of RA's unbox artists plus work by a guest choreographer, Donnie Duncan previews of some of these work suggest a ton of varieties. Some emotive gorgeous works, um, some surreal experimental pieces and also a little bit of wit and whimsy all with the dancers performing live together at that 10th Avenue arts center space. And they're also offering free admission to any frontline or essential worker RA's inbox presents their August series performances to night through Sunday, online now for more arts events or to sign up for the weekly KPBS arts newsletter, go to I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans. Julia. Thank you. Thanks Maureen.

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Our picks for art and culture this weekend include the San Diego Festival of Books, Puerto livestreaming from the Casbah stage, The Rosin Box's August Series and a tapestry by Carlos Castro Arias.
KPBS Midday Edition Segments