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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: #SaveOurStages, PGK Dance, Drive-Thru Art, Oceanside Culture And More

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Our picks for the arts and culture this weekend include the San Diego International Film Festival, live music, a lot of drive-in experiences, Oceanside's vibrant culture, virtual dance and plenty more.

Speaker 1: 00:00 Shipboard chamber music drive in jazz and local films that take on life in quarantine. We have quite a wide range of arts and culture topics on this weekend. Preview joining me is KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon, Evans, and Julia. Welcome. Hi Maureen. Thanks for having me now we're in the thick of film festival season. It seems, and San Diego international film festival has paired with San Diego film week to include local works. So what can we expect? Yeah, so there's a lot of great movies in that festival, but the virtual and some drive in options by one to focus on the local stuff for now, there's a new documentary that one San Diego couples started when they were diagnosed with COVID and it's one of the first films like that. And, um, in addition, San Diego film week will screen their best films of the year.

Speaker 1: 00:55 And if you remember early on in the pandemic, San Diego film week launched their quarantine film challenge. It got submissions from all over and they've selected a bunch of these all made during and about quarantine from all kinds of genres. And they'll have an award ceremony on Sunday night, but the films are available to stream right now. And they, the festivals grouped all of the locally relevant stuff as locals theater. And you can get a special festival pass just for that. The San Diego film week and San Diego international film festival quarantine film awards will be streamed live on Sunday at 6:30 PM and all films are streaming online. Now through Sunday, the Houseman quartet returns with a streamed version of their chamber music performances. What will we find in this weekend's program? That's called inhale exhale. Yeah. So how's it been as done one other virtual version of these quarterly Haydn voyages series from aboard the Berkeley ship, which is a historic ship it's part of the maritime museum. And every time they pair Haydn and other classical composers with more contemporary works. So this Sunday's performance is all on the theme of songs that kind of breathe, or they move from one extreme to the other. There is a heightened quartet, a Beethoven work, but then this 2009 piece called frayed by American composer, Hannah lash let's have a listen to the has-been quartet on that inhaling exhaling part

Speaker 1: 02:55 That was frayed by composer Hannah lash, the Houseman streams,

Speaker 2: 03:00 Their performance from aboard the Berkeley on Sunday at 4:00 PM in the visual art world, artists, Jean lo has a new site specific work at Quint one. What is this installation, Julia, and how do we see it?

Speaker 1: 03:15 Well, Jean Lowe recently installed this piece at Clinton won. It's called pal, which stands for portraits of women. It's site-specific. So when I say installed, I mean, a lot of it's painted directly on the walls of the gallery. So when it closes, it really closes that installation's commentary on the way women are portrayed in abstract expressionism and modernism. So she took three works by the Casa de Kooning and Jackson Pollock, and did her own spin on them. And I loved what she told me about how women perceive this too, that it might be liberating to be seen as this is a quote, a fierce, crazy hag, a sturdy powerful woman. Uh, there's also a painted rag from her series and these, these cloth Mashay plants and pots, they're all sculptural and some absurdist paper Mashay books, it's kind of her signature. It all looks so lifelike from afar that when you approach your perception kind of dissolves, it's really worth making an appointment for a visit.

Speaker 2: 04:14 Jean Lowe's power installation is now on view at Quinn one in LA Jolla by appointment through November 10th. And we have some drive in jazz this weekend, which you know, is a sentence that would have sounded quite strange nine months ago. But tell me a little about Charles MacPherson and his mainly Mozart performance on Sunday. Yeah,

Speaker 1: 04:34 So mainly Mozart's driving performances at the Damar fairground from the summer. They've really shaken things up regionally for the performing arts. It inspired the San Diego opera to dip their toes in the drive in world too. It was so successful. They're bringing back some all-stars, I'm excited for a little Sunday night jazz with legendary Charles McPherson. He's a saxophonist he's in his eighties and just put out a new album a few weeks ago. And he's the composer in residence at the San Diego ballet, which you got to say, it's kind of a cool job. And he has a really incredible resumes collaborated with Charles Mingus, Wynton Marsalis and Moore. And he was also a recent San Diego creative catalyst grant recipient for work with choreographer, Javier Velazco called sweet synergy. Sweet

Speaker 3: 05:48 [inaudible].

Speaker 1: 05:51 So that's suite synergy suite by Charles McPherson and he'll play selections that plastic Gershwin malady, Harold Ireland's get happy and a string horn spin on. Ellington's take the Adrian plus also he'll do a piece he composed after the 2016 election called reflections on an election,

Speaker 2: 06:12 Couldn't be more timely. Could it mainly Mozart's a night with jazz legend. Charles MacPherson takes place slash arts. And I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor, Julia Dixon Evans. Julia. Thank you.

Speaker 1: 06:36 Thanks Marie. And have a good weekend.

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