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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: Cosmo Whyte And Beliz Iristay, Dance Film, Latino Film Festival And The Niceties

Speaker 1: 00:00 The new normal and the arts and culture scene in San Diego is an ever evolving mix of formats. And this weekend has it all from in-person gallery experiences, virtual theater and dance, and the string quartet streaming tombs from a boat directly to your landlocked home. Joining me is KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dickson Evans with all the details. Welcome, Julia, let's start with the visual arts world. We're seeing galleries and museums opening up for small groups and appointment-based viewings. How does this work and what's going on this weekend? Speaker 2: 00:32 Yeah. So since around mid summer, we've seen some galleries offer these appointment only viewings where individuals or small groups get access to the space while nobody else is in there. Um, some of our smaller galleries in town already had such narrow open hours pre COVID that they already had these appointment systems set in place, but I'm with bigger museums struggling throughout the summer to balance their own opening plans. These appointment only models have quietly stuck around and Luxe art Institute. And Encinitas is just reopening today with a strict reservation system. And the upside is these visits are free. Well, what's on display at Lux. Yeah. They're opening two new exhibitions from their artists in residence model. One is Cosmo white, who a Jamaican born artist, blending sculpture, drawing, photography, performance art, and these major installation works. He works to explore identity his own body, and his works often build on something mundane, even kind of kitschy everyday things or furniture. And, um, regional artist believes eras stay. She divides her time between San Diego and then Sonata she'll display her ceramics and mixed media works there. All of these beautiful sculptures and she really pulls on materials and techniques from her varied influences. Speaker 1: 02:00 It works by Cosmo white and believes their stair now on display at Lux art Institute to view with advanced reservations Thursday through Saturday from two to 5:00 PM and the Hospin quartet returns to the ship, the Berkeley at the maritime museum this weekend. But of course, things are a little different. Tell us about this performance. Speaker 2: 02:20 Yeah, there are heightened voyages series is usually are really lovely performance from a board, the Berkeley, uh, with string quartet music by yes, Haydn, but also some of his contemporaries as well as newer modern works. Uh, this weekend's performance worldly travelers has already been recorded on the boat to an empty performance space. And it'll be streamed to viewers at home. The selections are pretty diverse. There's LA 17 hundreds concerto by Chevallier the st. George who worked with Haydn, but he was also one of the first noted composers of African descent. I have a clip here of his quartet, concert talent in B flat major [inaudible]. And there's also a piece by a young Iranian composer. Aftab Dovie she based her composition on a poem it's haunting and hypnotic. And I really nice contrast to the older stuff and they'll round it out with a really whimsical Haydn quartet. One of the last ones he wrote Speaker 1: 03:56 And the husband quartets heightened voyages stream Sunday at 4:00 PM. We also have a dance film series kicking off this weekend. Speaker 2: 04:05 Yeah. And I'm really loving the popularity dance film as a genre is getting well. These performance venues are shut down. The Roslyn box project has delivered a steady stream of new works, and they're launching a film series for weekends where a new dance film is released each week at first is the long goodbye. And it's set in the stunning old house with spooky institutional looking corridors, puzzle like staircases. And what I love about dance film is how it can really hold the narrative of storytelling and film, but also kind of play with the abstract, go a little obscure and plotless if they want. And the rosin box projects offering up these films with seasoned subscriptions for all of their upcoming programming, Speaker 1: 04:52 The Roslyn boxes in focus, dance film series kicks off tonight, online with the long goodbye. Finally, Moxie theater is back there presenting a new place, staged in stream to audiences at home. Tell us about the niceties. Speaker 2: 05:06 Yeah. So Moxie is launching these performances beginning Saturday of Eleanor Burgess's 2018 play. It's a two person show directed by Maxis cofounder. DeLuise had turned her Sonnenberg, the plays about two women. One's a young black student and the other is her white professor. And the entire thing hinges around a meeting between them to discuss the student's paper about the American revolution. I love the idea that a single setting could unravel to fill a play and it pulls on these themes of race, feminism, politics, and more, and to tackle those issues with the audience. Moxies also framing each show with a Q and a and discussion as well. Speaker 1: 05:48 Certainly sounds timely. And the Moxie theater presents the niceties Thursday through Saturday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM. With more performances through October 4th, for more arts events visit the KPBS arts calendar or sign up for the weekly KPBS arts slash arts. I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans. Thanks, Julia. Thanks. Speaker 3: 06:14 Have a good weekend.

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