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San Diego's Top Weekend Arts Events: Comedy, Concerts And Cinco De Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is on Sunday and there are several celebrations happening around San Diego. Plus, late-night host Seth Meyers brings his comedy act to town, and Humphreys Concerts by the Bay are starting up again.

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Speaker 1: 00:00 It's great when Cinco de Mayo falls on a weekend and we'll tell you about the celebrations happening around San Diego. Late night hosts Seth Meyers brings his comedy act to town and Humphreys concerts by the bay are starting up again. KPBS arts calendar editor Nina Guerin joins me with the weekend preview and Hello Amina. Hello. Now, every year you come in and explain that Cinco de Mayo isn't actually Mexican Independence Day. Do you think we need to go over that again?

Speaker 2: 00:29 I think people know by now, but really quick. I'll just say that Mexican Independence Day is September 16th. Think good at mio celebrates the battle of Pueblo and it's celebrated, um, because it was about resisting the French invasion and it kind of created a unified Mexican identity.

Speaker 1: 00:47 Okay. So not Mexican Independence Day, but just Cinco de Mayo. We also know that the biggest celebration here is an old town. What happens there?

Speaker 2: 00:57 They have the biggest party in San Diego. It's kind of what you think of when you think of a Cinco de Mayo Party. It starts today and it goes through Sunday and they have live music. Um, mariachis bands. They also have ballet folklorico. This celebration also has a looter liberty wrestling ring and a low rider car show.

Speaker 1: 01:17 I hear Bell Boa Park as just started a Cinco de Mayo celebration of its own. And there's also a newer one in Chula Vista.

Speaker 2: 01:25 Yeah. So there's some new ones popping up. Balboa Park. This is the second annual event. It happens on the Plaza de Panama and Spreckels Organ Pavilion. And it's going to be the same with, you know, dancing from local schools. Mariachis this one has a kind of a traditional Mexican dress showcase and it will feature the Sdsu as texts drum line. And then the one in Chula Vista happens Sunday and again the Mariachis and dancing. And this also focuses on vendors from the South Bay community. What if you want to skip the celebration and just basically want to go at and have some Tacos and Margaritas? Yeah, so most Mexican places are going to have specials. I would say the ones to check out our Casa, the Pico in Lamesa, Gasa Guadalajara, an old town and Costar as having like a kind of a event where you buy a ticket and you go in and you have Tequila and mezcal and Taco tastings

Speaker 1: 02:19 because I know you love Mariachi music. Let's play a national favorite. This is Sunday la Negra

Speaker 2: 02:25 bye. Mariachi Vargas,

Speaker 3: 02:35 [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 02:47 where'd the tails and other Cinco de Mayo event. So you can check out the KPBS events calendar now Humphreys concerts by the bay is a favorite summer venue that's just getting its season underway for, who've never been.

Speaker 2: 02:59 Can you tell us about this venue? It's an outdoor venue on shelter island and it's beautiful. You sit and you see the bay and the palm trees and the sunset and that's exactly the image you think of when you think of south southern California summer. Um, it does have a few drawbacks. There's a lot of talking at Humphreys, especially if you sip a close to the water and they're not really the most comfortable seats, but you know, it is still worth it if you like the performer. And what's this about kayakers? I don't know if you've noticed, if you've ever gone, but are always a collection of people on kayaks and rafts, right by the concert. If a show is sold out or you're not 100% sure you want to spend the money, you can actually get a kayak or a raft or a paddle boat and paddle it over there from point Loma, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Speaker 2: 03:47 You can't really see that bands, but you can hear it just fine. Now I remember when Humphreys was mostly smooth jazz and soft rock. Is it still like that? Yes. When there's still a lot of classics like a Dave because Kenny g, um, boss Gags, but there's a lot of kind of eighties and Indie rock coming. I feel like you have to age into the Humphrey stomach graphic and people who are in the eighties and nineties music or just starting to starting to get it. So what are some of the highlights for this summer? Alanis Morissette is going to be there with an acoustic set on June 21 my childhood hero, Howard Jones is playing July 12th, uh, for three ego, ego, DLR playing to like 24th. Do you know what's really popular is the stray cats 40th anniversary tour, one of the shows us sold out, but there's still one available on September 1st and you wanted to bring up a concert happening on Sunday. The violent femmes and x. Let's hear a song by x. This is hungry wolf

Speaker 3: 04:48 [inaudible]

Speaker 2: 05:09 Humphreys concerts by the bay has performances happening through me. So fine details on the Humphreys website. Comedian Seth Meyers is coming to San Diego. Tell us a bit about him. People may recognize him from Saturday night live where he was a cast member and head writer and hosted weekend update. Now, um, he is the host of late night with Seth Meyers. His jokes are very smart and topical. He doesn't really do lazy jokes and he's very focused on politics. Let's you're a sample of his political comedy from late night with Seth Meyers. Oprah Winfrey said in a recent interview that she calls Democratic presidential hopeful p Buddha judge, quote, Buddha, beep boop, boop, which is also what Trump calls his sons.

Speaker 3: 05:55 Which one?

Speaker 1: 06:01 Seth Meyers happens tonight at the Bell Boa Theater. For more weekend events, be sure to check and Nina Garren KPBS arts editor. Thank you. Thanks. Have a good weekend.

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