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Immigrant Detainee Dies From Coronavirus At Otay Mesa, Doctors Without Borders Help With Pandemic In Tijuana, Privacy Concerns Over Contact Tracing And Mother’s Day Ideas

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An immigrant detainee died from COVID-19 while in custody at the Otay Mesa Detention Center. He is the first to die from the pandemic at an immigration detention center in the nation. Also, Doctors Without Borders are in Tijuana to help with the outbreak happening there. The city has the highest number of cases in Baja California. Plus, port officials are bracing for a lean year at the San Diego International Airport because the virus has decimated the airline industry. And, privacy concerns are complicating the need for robust contact tracing using mobile phones. In addition, a UC San Diego music professor, Anthony Davis, has won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for his 2016 opera “The Central Park Five.” Finally, Mother's Day is this weekend and we have some ideas to spend the day with mom while still under quarantine.

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