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City Sues Broker Who Made Over $1M From Sale Of Hotels To House The Homeless

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Above: The official seal for the city of San Diego appears on a door to City Hall in this undated photo.

The city of San Diego is suing the real estate brokerage firm and broker who advised the housing commission in acquiring two hotels to house unsheltered people during the peak of the pandemic. Plus, the economic divide is showing up in vaccination rates across California. Medi-Cal enrollees have been vaccinated at substantially lower rates than the overall population. Also, the Biden administration and DOD have endorsed major changes in how sexual assaults in the military are handled. In addition, scorching heat continues in San Diego’s backcountry, but at the beaches it’s a different story, as ocean temperatures are colder than usual. Then, Sesame Street has tackled difficult issues in a kid-friendly way, now it’s taking on how military families can talk about racism. And, the new Amazon fulfillment center in Otay Mesa is ready to hire 1,500 people, but low wages and a competitive labor market are creating doubt on whether they will find enough workers. Finally, a Cal State San Marcos professor’s new book looks at the Haitian Revolution in film and video games.

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