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Fugitive in massive Navy bribery case caught in Venezuela

 September 22, 2022 at 4:44 PM PDT
After a sixteen day international manhunt, the Malaysian defense contractor known as “Fat Leonard” has been caught. Then, California air regulators grabbed headlines last month by banning the sale of new gas-powered cars in the state by 2035. Now, the California Air Resources Board is setting its sights on gas-powered appliances in homes and buildings. Then, why the city of San Diego is reviving its Commission on the Status of Women. Next, a new building will open on the campus of UC San Diego Friday, housing all kinds of engineers, designing products that have never been seen before. And, Author knows this more than most. At the age of 9, Javier Zamora fled the violence and chaos of the civil war in El Salvador and embarked on a three thousand-mile journey to find his mother. This journey, and the perils Zamora faced along the way, is the subject of a new memoir, “Solito.” Finally, when someone we love is sick, one of the first questions many of us have is, ‘how can I help?’ A new children’s book teaches the notion of how being helpful can be healing.