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 August 2, 2023 at 2:25 PM PDT
Hey amigos!
Port of Entry has some exciting news to share with you!

When we released Spanish versions of our episodes, we were blown away to discover that we have almost as many Spanish-speaking listeners as we do English-speaking ones!

How incredible is that? You guys rock!

So we are wondering… just who are these Spanish listeners and where are they listening from?!

So, here's the deal: we want to get to know you better and make sure we're bringing you the absolute best content. That's where you come in! We've put together a short questionnaire, and we would be thrilled if you could take a few moments to share your thoughts and experiences with us. To sweeten up the deal, we are throwing in some KPBS swag in the mix and will be picking up a couple of winners from the participant pool. So that could be you!

Your feedback is super important to us, and it will help us improve and bring you even more fantastic topics and shows.

We can't wait to hear what you have to say! 🎙️ Ready to give us a hand? You can find the link here:

At KPBS, we truly value your input. Together, let's make our listening experience even more incredible! 🎧✨ Nos vemos pronto!