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The Parker Edison Project

What comes to mind when you think of American culture? The Parker Edison Project works to expand the cliché answer to that question. It's a podcast that zooms way in on what really makes a culture — food, music, style, sex, fashion and more. Join host and co-creator Parker Edison for insightful conversations about creativity and community, all through the lens of Black America. This is the Parker Edison Project, a sonic exploration of culture as a lifestyle, where each episode starts with a thought-provoking talk and ends with a musical bang.

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  • Our season three finale is all about movies.
  • A revealing retelling of a street hustlers coming of age amidst the quiet chaos of the 90s northwest.
  • We hear from American travelers on their first experiences adapting to the motherland and dive into the strange rivalry that sits between Africans and Black Americans.
  • We look into how despite its recent Grammy success there’s an eerie rise in crime in the inland empire.
  • We’ll hear from a local black yoga company, a Black apothecarist whose philosophies manifest in her tinctures and I interview a North Carolina rapper who's recently added yoga to his repertoire.
  • We meet with a high school teacher teaching a new ethnically influenced English course and learn of its tumultuous start.
  • A discussion of Jazz as an original American craft, it's evolution and roots in San Diego.
  • A friend and I discuss the perks of buying local with Drew Bent of the restaurant Papalo and rap legend Imani of the Farside (Pharcyde) shares some highlights from his remarkable career including how he eats on tours.
  • A deep discussion with organizer and revolutionary Yusef Bunchy Shakur on Black community politics and we hear from "Dilla Time" author Dan Charnas.
  • I interview a sculptor/photographer, a fashion house, and the creator of art-rap Open Mike Eagle.