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The Parker Edison Project
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What comes to mind when you think of American culture? The Parker Edison Project works to expand the cliché answer to that question. It's a podcast that zooms way in on what really makes a culture — food, music, style, sex, fashion and more. Join host and co-creator Parker Edison for insightful conversations about creativity and community, all through the lens of Black America. This is the Parker Edison Project, a sonic exploration of culture as a lifestyle, where each episode starts with a thought-provoking talk and ends with a musical bang.

  • We hear from experts about maintaining good mental health.
  • This episode discusses the works of Black sci-fi author QJ Zephyr and Canadian graphic novelist Francois Vigneault. Plus, we check in with Chicago’s Philmore Greene for insights on his track "TIME" featuring Skyzoo.
  • In this episode we hear the unique part drugs and guns play in the lives of three West Coast creatives.
  • Our risqué reporter Miss Lolly returns to hijack another episode. This time we delve into the infamously uncomfortable ‘birds and the bees’ talk. Music: Cosmic Collective - Transcendent Love • Time Socks • Searchin • Library of the Universe Credits: Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Cosmic Collective (Score Producers)
  • This episode was recorded in front of a live audience during Cultural Unity Week at Mesa College. We hear from two giants of the campus on the topic of education and its importance outside of the classroom. Music: • Good Question (rapper Skinny Veny & beatmaker .EDU) - FricasseeGuests: • Veronica Gerace• Dr. Ashanti Hands • Professor Starla Lewis Credits: Parker Edison (host), Kurt Kohnen (co-creator), Chris Reyes (head editor) and Gene Flo (score producer)
  • Was the Coronado Bridge built to disrupt Sherman Heights? Muralist Victor Ochoa gives us some insights and block celebrity Lexi Valentino schools me on the secret role freeways play in race. Music: Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Step Down • Lexi Valentino • Victor Ochoa Sr. • J. Smith • Tim Felton Credits: Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Gene Flo (Score Producer)
  • Political ads, bot-farms, solicitor calls, and tips on how you can beat them. Plus King Dice and a young film fan discuss movies boomers should movie.Music:• Thea the Band - Crybaby (demo mix 2.0)Guests:• Madeline Twomey• Will Maxson, Federal Trade Commission• Mauricio B, student• King Dice• Thea the Band Credits: Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Gene Flo (Score Producer)
  • In this episode Ranger Julie Aeilts shares why Cowles Mountain is a healthy highpoint of San Diego, comedian Dustin Nickerson suggests a Movie Millennials Should Movie and multi-award winning drummer Nathan Hubbard closes the show with an original jazz composition.Music:• Nathan Hubbard - Walled Garden, Hummingbirds, Geraniums & Honeysuckles, Semper Aliquid Haeret…• Ranger Julie Aeilts• King Dice• Dustin Nickerson• Dr. Mamie Parker Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Nathan Hubbard (Score Producer)
  • For this episode we hear from pilot Anne Marie Barry on how her profession utilizes language and new artist Elijah E. Wright competes in a game of 6° of Separwayans. Guests:• Chef Kelston Moore Bad Boyz of Culinary• Anne Marie Barry• Opoetik • Elijah E Wright • Opoetik & Evolve One - Yes Yes Y’allShow Credits: Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Tres GeneFlo Beats (Score Producer)
  • In honor of the 25th anniversary of Biggie Smalls' passing we hear from artists about the impact of his ‘Ready to Die’ album. Plus we talk to show promoter 60East about what it’s like throwing live shows in the pandemic.Music:• Odessa Kane & Tres ‘Sojourn’ Hodgens - Gimme the Loot (freestyle)Guests:• Joey “60 East” Atilano• Wackoe Vincent Enriquez• DJ Alex Lopez Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Tres ”Sojourn” Hodgens (Score Producer)