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Introducing "The Parker Edison Project"

 January 12, 2021 at 8:53 AM PST

[MUSIC] What comes to mind when you think of American culture? Apple pie? Bumper stickers? Hulk Hogan? Bald eagles? I'm Parker Edison, host of the Parker Edison project, a podcast that zooms way in on what makes a culture: community, food, music, style, sex, fashion… Siri… What are hoe hoops? voice: absurdly ridiculously huge cubic zirconium encrusted hoop earrings, at least four inches in diameter From the laws to the gallery walls, we explore who controls the narrative and it's impact on how we see ourselves. Alanna- Growing up as a child I spent a lot of time in museums, but going inside ethos portrait rooms like I never saw us...and the pictures that I did see of us were in large part serving someone or in the background somewhere… And I just didn’t want to see that happen with younger people...I felt like they needed to see a representation of themselves in those spaces Parker- And we talk with the underground heroes determined to tell the stories of Southeast San Diego…We look at the untold history of Southeast San Diego, the movements that have transformed the community & education at large… Bennie-I’m gonna be straight up honest, The Improv for those that experienced it, there was nothing like it. It was our Harlem Renaissance. You had to experience it to know it. And that goes back to a greater issue that I have is that we don’t tell our story. Southeast doesn’t write its story. There’s such a legacy of culture and community from Hip Hop to Jazz to Blues to R&B to Soul music in San Diego, that it’s like a chosen few know. Parker: We talk about the values that really make America great... Latanya- Somebody asked me what do I love about being Black...and that was such a great question considering everything that’s been going on...and i think about it all the time...and so I brought it down to like you know ask my students what do you love about themselves, about you...there’s so many examples about people trying to blend in...and I ask them to give me something individual that they like about themselves...believing in yourself and loving yourself is a big part of being self aware and maturing…and leads to more empathy. Parker: Tune, have a laugh, connect with the community & catch these gems. I’m gonna go ahead and take my victory, Shanteal- Of course you would because I heard you been taking L’s, hahahaha Parker: Get the Parker Edison Project at KPBS dot org slash podcasts,, on Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts

What comes to mind when you think of American culture? The Parker Edison Project works to expand the cliché answer to that question. It's a podcast that zooms way in on what really makes a culture — food, music, style, sex, fashion and more. Join host and co-creator Parker Edison for insightful conversations about creativity and community, all through the lens of Black America. This is the Parker Edison Project, a sonic exploration of what's considered American, where each episode starts with a thought-provoking talk and ends with a musical bang. Music credits: • Parker Meridien - "New River" • Latanya Lockett - "Baby James" • Tres ‘Sojourn’ Hodgens - "More Than Rap"