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  • U.S. hospitals have seen a record number of cyberattacks over the past few years. Getting hacked can cost a hospital millions of dollars and expose patient data, and even jeopardize patient care.
  • Freeways are not free. We pay for them in all kinds of ways — with our tax dollars, our time, our environment and our health. While freeways have enabled huge amounts of economic growth, they've also caused displacement and division. Learn the forgotten history of our urban freeway network, and how decades after that network was finished, some communities are still working to heal the wounds that freeways left behind. As climate change threatens to wreak havoc on our cities, freeways are not just a part of the problem. They can also be part of the solution.
  • The 15th century was one of astonishing and almost uninterrupted artistic achievement in the area controlled by the Dukes of Burgundy and referred to as the Burgundian Netherlands. This area included the current countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and a portion of northern France. Netherlandish artists extended the boundaries of painting until they seemed as limitless as the blue-tinged mountains of the distant horizons in their paintings. Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden became the most renowned painters in Europe, van Eyck acquiring legendary status perfecting the technique of oil paint and almost impossible representation of minute detail, practices that clearly distinguish Northern art from Italian art as well as art from the preceding centuries. Works by these masters were sought by princes and merchants throughout Europe, who prized them for their remarkable qualities of verisimilitude, their technical and coloristic virtuosity, and their heightened expressive power. In this docent-led talk we’ll focus on how Netherlandish artists achieved their common goal - to make the painted image vividly present and to render the unseen palpable.The link for the Zoom can be found here.
  • Puppets in the ParkJoin us and make a puppetMay 20, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Villa Norte ParkFree and fun for all ages
  • Villa Musica provides a curriculum from Carnegie Hall's education department to make music accessible to more students across San Diego County.
  • Authorities warned of dangerous tidal surges, flash floods and landslides as Typhoon Mawar blows past the northernmost province of Batanes from Tuesday to Wednesday.
  • An El Cajon couple fell victim to a "grandparents scam" that eventually led to the unraveling of a crime syndicate known as The Enterprise.
  • Sunset Cliffs Park meanders along a mile and a half of San Diego’s coastline, beckoning tourists and locals alike. These stunning cliffs inspired Albert Spalding, sportsman and visionary, to create a park in 1915 for all to enjoy. Many have left their mark in the century since, including the mighty Pacific Ocean. John Mills, an enterprising land baron, restored the original park, only to have it fall into neglect during the Depression and World War II. It became a popular spot for pioneering surfers and divers in the postwar boom. The park’s colorful sunsets and landscape attracts artists, children and others that enjoy beauty.Join us for our next “History Talks!” Lecture on Wednesday, May 24 at 7 p.m. Author Kathy Blavatt grew up on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and married her husband Ray at Villa Surf above Sunset Cliffs’ Garbage Beach.She has personal insights and knowledge of Point Loma’s beloved Sunset Cliffs Park history. Kathy, a historian, relates many of the park’s transformations back to 1900 and looks to its future. She also talks about the visionaries, the Theosophists, WWII, watersports pioneers, horticulturists, and others that left their loving marks on the park and the adjoining community.Kathy has authored seven books, given many lectures, is an Ocean Beach Historical Society board member, and has been active in the community. She has a passion for local history which she loves sharing with others. Her favorite statement comes from Sunset Cliffs Park’s extraordinary founder Albert Spalding, who said, “The park is for all to enjoy.” Countless visitors have enjoyed the park since it opened in 1915.History Talks! is a monthly lecture series presented by the Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House. Each month a local historian or specialist will delve into topics related to San Diego and the Davis-Horton House to bring a unique glimpse into the history of our city. Come hear history come alive!Lectures are free for GQHF Members, $5 for the public. Limited seating. Zoom simulcast will also be available!
  • The Inflation Reduction Act, or IRA, promises tax breaks to companies making technology for clean energy. European leaders are concerned companies will flee to the U.S. to cash in on the tax breaks.
  • Meet Kata Pierce-Morgan, Fringe artist and owner of Les Girls.
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