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Producing for KPBS

Submit a completed project for consideration


KPBS considers completed content projects on a year-round basis. KPBS is primarily seeking content that is locally produced and/or features topics of local interest or tells a story that connects to our region in some way. Selected content will be distributed across our broad array of content distribution platforms, which include television and radio broadcast, podcasts and various KPBS branded digital platforms on the web.

Creators submitting content must own the copyright and have artistic, editorial and financial control of their projects. Content creators are also responsible for all rights, clearances and releases including and especially any third-party materials.

Content Submission Form Link

Completed forms will be acknowledged and reviewed by KPBS programming staff. You will be contacted if your content is a right fit for KPBS distribution platforms.


How long does it take and when will a producer hear back?
Submissions are considered on an ongoing basis. Given the volume of submissions, it can take up to a month or more for a decision to be made. If the submission is accepted, the producer will be contacted.

Does KPBS pay for content?
If the content is accepted by KPBS, the producer will enter into a license agreement with KPBS for the licensing of the content. A license fee may be negotiated prior to the contract.

Where else does KPBS get its content from?
KPBS broadcasts a range of national, regional and local programming from a variety of sources other than PBS including but not limited to independent producers, national public television program distributors like American Public Television (APT) and the National Educational Television Association (NETA).

Is my content suitable for a PBS audience?
All content must meet FCC guidelines as well as KPBS editorial principles of independence, accuracy, fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and accountability as well as KPBS technical standards. These principles are the cornerstone of KPBS’s commitment to serving the public interest and preserving the public’s trust.Learn more at: PBS Editorial Standards & Practices (2018).

What are your Production Standards and Formats?
Standard Broadcast Video content lengths: 26:46, 56:46, 1:26:46, 1:56:46*Non-standard lengths for broadcast video are also considered.Digital Video lengths varyBroadcast Video format: ProRes 422 LT Quicktime (.MOV) 1920x1980, 29.97 fpsDigital Video format:Standard Broadcast Audio content lengths: 29:00 ; 53:00 ; 58:00 ; 59:00 minutesDigital Audio lengths varyDigital Audio format: Stereo .MP3 128 Kbps / Sample Rate: 44100 or 48000 kHz /Bit Rate: 16, 24, or 32-bit

Why was my submission not accepted?
A submission is judged on its completeness and the content/technical quality of the program.

  • Application was incomplete
  • Program was not locally produced local content
  • Program did not share a story connected to the San Diego region
  • Program had poor technical quality
  • Program does not align with KPBS editorial standards and practices

I have an idea for a program or a work-in-progress.
KPBS accepts unsolicited project proposals through the KPBS Explore Local Content Project. For more information visit

Additional Information

All programs presented to KPBS must meet the requirements set forth in the KPBS Program Technical & Packaging Specifications. KPBS guidelines are aligned with the PBS Technical and Production standards.

PBS Technical Manual: PBS's Technical Operating Specifications (TOS) Manual.

PBS Production guidelines: PBS Producer’s Handbook (December 2019).


  • Content Underwriting
  • Program structure and format
  • Video Production credits
  • Video on-air offers and websites

The FCC requires all broadcast programs must include embedded closed-captioning. For more information, please visit FCC Closed-Captioning Guidelines.

The KPBS preferred captioning and delivery vendor is:

Aberdeen Broadcast Services
22362 Gilberto, Suite 120
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Outside funding of projects is allowed. Any entities or individuals who voluntarily contribute money to finance your production, in part or in whole, be it an individual, corporation, small business, or philanthropic organization must be disclosed and appropriately acknowledged on your content. Program funders are barred from exercising any editorial control over program content and are barred from advertising or endorsing any business, industry, product or service. KPBS maintains the highest journalistic standards of content oversight. Please note, all program underwriting, and underwriting messages MUST be approved by KPBS and must adhere to PBS’ National Guidelines for Underwriting.

Learn more at PBS Funding Standards & Practices (2018).