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Frank Miller’s The Spirit Leads Beth’s Top 10 Film Panels at Comic-Con

1. The Spirit - Frank Miller adapts Will Eisner's 1940s classic The Spirit . There is no way you should miss this. (Friday, 2:45pm, Hall H)

2. Repo: The Genetic Opera - Aaron Soto turned me on to this bizarre tale of a futuristic society where you can buy organs to prolong your life. But don't miss a payment or the repo man will come to take them back! & 'Nuff said. (Thursday, 9pm, Room 6B)

3. Red Sonja - Robert Rodriguez is always worth seeking out at a Comic-Con panel, it doesn't matter what the movie is. (Thursday, 2pm, Room 6CDEF)

4. Harold and Kumar Escape to Guantanamo DVD Release - Dude, you gotta check out Kal Penn, John Cho and Mr. Doogie Howser himself, Neil Patrick Harris. No bongs allowed. (Sunday noon, Ballroom 20)

5. Entertainment Weekly's The Visionaries: Filmmakers - Kevin Smith , Frank Miller, and Judd Apatow all at once! (Friday, 5:15pm, Hall H)

6. Spotlight on Ralph Bakshi - The groundbreaking animator of Fritz the Cat and Wizards (Saturday, 10:15am, Room 6B)

7. Summit Pictures - This will have a pair of gifted directors I would love to hear from: Paul McGuigan (who did the brilliantly nasty Gangster No. 1 ) and Alex Proyas (whose Dark City is a favorite of mine). (Thursday, 1:15pm, Hall H)

8. Hamlet 2 - Okay, Shakespeare at the Con? May not seem the most appropriate combo but Steve Coogan doing bad Shakespeare, hmmm? That's downright irresistible. (Sunday, 11:30am, Ballroom 20)

9. Universal's The Wolfman - Just to see make-up veteran Rick Baker and give him a much deserved round of applause. (Friday, 2pm, Hall H)

10. Dark Castle's Ninja Assassin - Go to see Korean pop star Rain who was the most adorable psycho in the loony bin in I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay . (Thursday, 5:30pm, Hall H)

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Bonus pick : Technically not a film but do not miss the Spaced Panel. The 1999 Brit-com by Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright is FINALLY coming out on DVD in the U.S. These guys are seriously funny. You will find the basis for both Shaun and Hot Fuzz in this series chock full of pop culture references. & (Friday, 12:30pm, Room 6A, with a late night screening of fan fav episodes, Friday, 10:15pm, Room 6A)

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