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Orchids and Onions Winners and Losers


Aired 4/19/09

Allison St. John:  Good Architecture makes such a difference to our quality of life, but sometimes we hardly stop to notice it.  Its influence on us can be almost subliminal. But the Orchids and Onions awards, operated by the San Diego Architectural Foundation celebrates and admonishes the choices we make in designing our city and its buildings.

Architects, designers and citizens gathered recently at Balboa Park's Hall of Champions for the Orchids and Onions awards ceremony.  They include buildings you may have seen around town, or buildings you may want to go and seek out .
Orchids and Onions  awards are given by a jury and the voting public.  Joining us to talk about our region's orchids and onions are two jury members and the program's co-chair.  You can see the winners and losers on the Orchids and Onions website .


  • Kevin deFreitas, a licensed architect with his own practice, Kevin deFreitas Architects, as well as a partner at Sebastian+deFreitas Inc. 
  • Robin Brisebois is President of the architecture firm, Brisebois Architecture. She is also a professor at the New School of Architecture and Design.
  • Maxine Ward is an architect with Studio E Architects and a San Diego Architectural Foundation Board Member. She is the co-chair of Orchids and Onions.

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Avatar for user 'saac'

saac | December 8, 2009 at 7:16 p.m. ― 7 years, 3 months ago

Bill Anderson should be in jail for a long time. He has been deliberately breaking the Law, imposing his own ideology, evading the processing of building permits and creating a large cumulative liability to the whole class of property owners I witnessed him

1.) Declare in a public meeting that he was in favor of an emergency interim 65 foot height limit ordinance which would cut the value of Hillcrest land in half; and

2.) Declare in a public meeting that he had already, and admittedly illegally, pulled city staff away from processing applications for development permits and reassigned them to work lobbying for his new community plan

3.) Acknowledge brazenly that even though by imposing his private moratorium, or at least his private slowdown of the processing of building permits, not only was he thus breaking deliberately State law,

He has, single handedly, destroyed development in Hillcrest.

This is far beyond difficult to endure, because it is so clearly wrong in so many ways, to every perspective:

1.) To a global citizen, it is clear that this behavior is in defiance of constitutional government; instead of the rights enumerated by promulgated law, the exercise of express rights depend on an individual's assent. This kind of political risk is well known in Venezuela and always leads to capital flight.

2.) To an American, this kind of behavior is particularly offensive: it is exactly the first and most offensive crime of the British Crown cited in our Declaration of Independence....." [The Head of Zoning] has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained;....".

3.) To a Californian these act defy the findings and requirements of Sate law (#65584)

To a San Diegan, this is defiance of our Municipal Code, a baseless running down of Mike Stepner's careful zoning work embodied in our Municipal Code, the scary substitution for individual whims for our clear rights under the Law.

To a Taxpayer, this means We are paying full taxes on a property that we acquired in specific reliance on the law, but cannot get any return from except when and to the extent Bill allows.

To an Investor, this means our government is working against our express rights through individual actions forbidden by law.

In the United States, in California, and, I Hope, in San Diego, the rights of private property and government by published law are the bases of all the good things any country, state or city is, and can become. The appearance of anyone willing to ignore and defy the law in a position of apparent authority is always a a betrayal and a disaster. Bill Anderson should be in Jail.. for a long time.

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