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Sarah Palin seems to be taking a page from the McCarthy era , mixing it with thinly veiled racism, and igniting partisan driven hatred.  Unfortunately for John McCain, surly as he is, her message is actually more testosterone driven than his.   At times, one wonders if she has confused the order of the names on the GOP ticket.

But John McCain aside, her rabble rousing tactics jeopardize the safety of all of us. This behavior, at any time is reprehensible enough, but in the current atmosphere in America, it is obscene. The  economic uncertainty , the ongoing tragedy of the War on Terror , and the threat of growing global unrest make this a fragile chapter in the life of our country, and we had better get our priorities in order.

The divisiveness that Palin has wittingly or unwittingly enflamed with her words will not disappear after November 4th. The coming months are going to test our national sense of ourselves as Americans; spending our days at war with one another is not in our best interest.  Whichever candidate is elected President, his arsenal of skills must include bipartisan team building, and I am not just referring to Congress.

As I reviewed Palin's history in Alaska, she seemed benign enough (if you were not her ex brother-in-law, an environmentalist, or a political rival.) I find it hard to believe she masked all these retrograde political beliefs...she doesn't seem to be much of a reader or deep thinker from all accounts. I wonder if she even understands the historical context of her accusations. Could it be that the Bushies who orchestrated her crash course in politics filled her with some philosophies that suited their agenda, an agenda that had more than just the election in mind?

Randy from Escondido
October 11, 2008 at 02:14 AM
Seems that our Ms. Palin and her hubby Toad did a little no no up Alasaka way. Sarah Palin and Tall and Toad, make a note to yourselves.....Don't Abuse Power...Don't Abuse Power.

October 13, 2008 at 04:36 PM
Candace, Agreed, Bush won't go quietly - even if it's not over the top action (Iran). Locally, we now have a situation where Bush's Secretary of Commerce will be the sole decision maker regarding the toll road through San Onofre. A toll road that has been overwhelmingly rejected by residents and the California Coastal Commision. The Secretary would be acting under the authority of the Interstate Commerce Clause of the constitution and Homeland Security statues that give him the right to protect the country. The executive Branch is loaded with Fema type apointees - cronyism over merit. Road builders want this project pushed through - it's just the kind of thing that will probably go down as the Bush era comes to a end. Unfortunately, the dregs from Bush's era will probably outlast us all.

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