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Trailer Tuesday: Twilight New Moon

Studio Puts out a Teaser to a Teaser

Twilight New Moon Teaser Trailer

Web movie: Twilight teaser

Trailer Tuesday is back! Once again I will start posting trailers for upcoming films every Tuesday. Today take a look at the trailer for the next installment of the "Twilight" saga that Summit Entertainment debuted last Friday at the head of "Bandslam." But after all the hype they gave it, it turns out to be a mere tease. So enjoy this fourteen second (yep that's right, a mere fourteen seconds) teaser trailer for "New Moon." One of the shots -- of a shirtless Jacob -- caused such an uproar when it played at the Summit panel at Comic-Con last month that you couldn't hear anything but the screams of fans. No film franchise that I can think of has managed to generate such a vocal, large, age diverse, and almost entirely female fan base. Sure little girls are crazy for Hannah Montana and there are adult women fans for "Star Trek" and "Star Wars," but "Twilight" has teenage girls, twentysomethings, and "Twilight" moms all ravenous for this franchise in a way that demographic has not been tapped before.

Twilight Moms at Comic-Con

Web movie:

Since the trailer was so short, I've included a video from Comic-Con of the "Twilight" moms in line. I was reading through the comments at YouTube and I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed by some of the people who claim to be Comic-Con fans and who are dissing these moms and the "Twilight" fans. Sure I prefer "Buffy" and "Near Dark" for my vampire fix but isn't Comic-Con supposed to be the place where fans of any kind can feel safe to express their obsessions?

I always thought of Comic-Con fans as willing to embrace and take into the fold anyone who was passionate about pop culture. But based on some of the comments posted on YouTube, I guess not. It appears that there may be a hierarchy forming in geekdom and "Twilight" fans may find themselves at the bottom. Too bad. Although I wouldn't wait in line overnight for a "Twilight" panel or scream at the teenage Taylor Lautner taking off his shirt, I have camped out for "Star Wars" and felt like swooning when I met Chow Yun-Fat. So I not only appreciate the passion of the "Twilight" fans but I enjoy their enthusiasm just as I enjoy the fans of "Rocky Horror Picture Show," "LOTR," "Repo: The Genetic Opera," and any other film with a devoted cult following.

So next year, I hope Comic-Con puts the "Twilight" panel as the first one on Thursday so its fans can line up and get in to their panel and then leave so attendees not interested in "Twilight" can have a shot at getting into Hall H as well. Maybe that will reduce inter-fan friction. For those of you who consider yourselves fans of "Twilight," you can savor these fourteen seconds of "New Moon" footage.

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