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The Reader Should Not Get an Oscar and Other Notable Reads

Here's some internet reading that I've enjoyed lately - hope you feel the same.

I desperately DON'T want to see The Reader get best picture next weekend at the Oscars. Ron Rosembaum from Slate seems to agree , though his argument is far more detailed than mine (it's just a lousy movie). He writes:

What, exactly, was the Kate Winslet character's "personal triumph"? While in prison for participation in an act of mass murder that was particularly gruesome and personal, given the generally impersonal extermination process & mdash;as a death camp guard, she helped ensure 300 Jewish women locked in a burning church would die in the fire & mdash;she taught herself to read! What a heartwarming fable about the wonders of literacy and its ability to improve the life of an Auschwitz mass murderer!

Scott Marks, I believe you have some choice words about The Reader ? & Care to chime in?

This article really resonated with me. & If you've allowed your identity to become closely tied to your profession, then losing your job and dire economic forecasts can really wreak havoc on your well being. & The article suggests ways to combat this, and cites the example of a veteran foreign correspondent in Dallas who took a buy-out in 2006 and now & mangages a high-end strip club. &

The cop from the Village People is heading to court . &

Here's an article about M.I.A. being a possible terrorist sympathizer. & To be honest, I'm suggesting this article so that I can post the pic of her Grammy outfit. & I love Grammy fashion and am preparing for the snoozefest that will be the staid Oscar-wear. &

Have you been following the arrest of renowned graffiti and fine artist Shepard Fairey? Creator of the Obama Hope poster? Here's the latest .

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