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Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist On Demand

I was all excited to see Nick and Norah's Ininite Playlist when it came out last fall and then I missed it in theaters. Imagine how pleased I was to find it On Demand this past Monday night. It had been a long day, I'd just finished working out and plopped down on the couch with a plate full of popcorn. One could argue I was primed, given the circumstances, to like this movie. After all, my critical defenses were down, my brain fried, and I was couch cozy. But actually, I think I gave it just the right amount of attention.

It's a sweet movie about two New York indie kids who spend the entire night in search of the hottest new underground band called Fluffy, whose performances are always a secret (soooo indie). These two Converse-wearing cuties are just meant to be. How do we know this? Norah, played by the lovely Kat Dennings, admires the mixed cd's that Nick, played by the ever-awkward Michael Cera (if there were a non-verbal version of early Hugh Grant's verbal awkwardness, Cera has it), makes for his horrible ex, who carelessly tosses them in the school garbage for Norah to retreive. If Nick has any game with girls, it's his ability to recommend good music, and that kinda game only plays with certain girls. They have to be willing to overlook the fact that he drives a bright yellow Yugo regularly mistaken for a cab. Norah is just that kind of girl.

The music in Nick and Norah is excellent, as it should be. You'll hear Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses, and both hear and see Devendra Banhart (look for his quick cameo in a store). The script is decent, written by Lorene Scafaria, who I just learned is part of a crew of young, hot female screenwriters that includes Diablo Cody. The writing isn't as self-consciously clever as Cody's and it's a more conventional narrative, but still sweet and well-done. Next Monday, I highly suggest giving it a go.

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