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Triple-Digit Temperatures Forecast For Parts Of San Diego County

San Diego County is heating up after a relatively mild summer. A heat wave with low humidity is forecast this week throughout the region, with the hottest temperatures expected Tuesday and Wednesday, said Philip Gonsalves, National Weather Service forecaster.

San Diego County Forecast For Tuesday And Wednesday

Coastal Valleys: 90 to 100

Inland Valleys: 100 to 110

Mountains: 90 to 100

Desert: 112 to 117

"Temperatures are going to be significantly higher than we’ve seen, at least so far this summer," said Gonsalves. "Temperatures inland could be in the upper 90s to low triple digits. In the deserts, of course, it will be between 110 to 117 degrees."

Gonsalves recommends staying inside, drinking plenty of water and avoiding strenuous activity. He says a low pressure system will bring cooler temperatures by the weekend.

San Diego County is offering more than 100 free cool zone sites, including libraries and recreation centers.


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