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SDPD Accepting Crime Reports And Alarm Permit Renewals Online

San Diegans can now file crime reports with the police department and renew alarm permits online.

The new system is designed to free up time for officers and communications staff to handle other police duties, said police Assistant Chief Shelley Zimmerman.

The crime report form can be accessed via the city and police department websites, or at, Zimmerman said.

After some basic questions are answered, citizens can file reports about thefts, vandalism, harassment and lost property.

Once a form is filled out and submitted, the filer will receive a police report number.

Zimmerman said the reports will then be routed to "the appropriate investigative unit," just like crime reports filled out the traditional way.

In a demonstration, the process was no more difficult than making an online airline reservation, and took about five minutes.

SDPD officers take 86,000 crime reports annually, Zimmerman said.

"We think minimum 10 percent will (now) be filed online, which equates to more time for officers to handle police-related matters," Zimmerman said.

She said 15,000 alarm permit renewals are made annually.

Fee payments can be made with credit or debit cards.

The online renewal system can also be accessed through the main city and police websites, or

The systems, each of which were paid for with $150,000 federal grants, are currently in English.

Zimmerman said Spanish versions will be added by September, and other languages will be considered.

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Avatar for user 'marthawolfe'

marthawolfe | March 6, 2013 at 11:10 a.m. ― 4 years ago

This is to report a stolen wallet at Whole Foods on Nobel Drive yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, March 5, 2013.
I was shopping in the store, and my purse and wallet were in the shopping cart.
When I went to check out, I discovered that my wallet was not in my purse. Strangely, there was a loose credit card in my purse, which had been in my wallet. It must have fallen out when the wallet was stolen. Other cards and items and the wallet were gone.
I do remember a man in the vegetable department walking up and down the aisle several times seemingly without any purchase items. He was about 5'10" tall, medium complexion, with mustashe.
Please advise me what I should do. Thank you, Martha Wolfe

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Avatar for user 'Claire Trageser'

Claire Trageser, KPBS Staff | March 6, 2013 at 11:43 a.m. ― 4 years ago

Hello! We are not the police department, but you can file a report online with them here:

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