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San Diego Unified Considers More Staff Layoff Notices

The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education today will consider a proposal to increase the number of layoff notices going to classified staff.

Last month, trustees voted to eliminate more than 700 jobs for district staff workers, including more than 130 positions that were vacant.

The latest proposal is to cut an additional 315 positions, including 80 currently vacant.

District officials estimate they can save $8.2 million in salaries and benefits with the added cuts, but the final dollar figure won't be known until the process known as job-bumping -- in which workers with more seniority can take a lower-level position -- is completed.

The school board also will decide whether to rescind a number of layoff notices for teachers, depending on the result of reports to be delivered by the finance and human resources departments.

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HarryStreet | April 26, 2011 at 12:22 p.m. ― 5 years, 10 months ago

Seniority should not matter as much as individual performance, even when it comes to layoffs. Just because a person has been in a job / position longer than the person next to them mean they are the more qualified. Studies have shown the average employee in a company 5 years and longer are the most detrimental to any business. This is why an individual's performance should determine who stays and who goes. Allowing a person with seniority to bump off someone who is doing the job better, but doesn't have the time in the company will not increase the effectiveness of that position refilled.

And before teacher layoffs take place they should be looking to lay off the many supervisors we have in the district. They are among the least productive and unnecessary positions we have.

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