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Alleged Mismanagement Could Close Charter School


Aired 6/9/11

Accusations of fiscal mismanagement and legal violations could shut down a southeast San Diego charter school.

— Leaders of Promise Charter School stand accused of fiscal mismanagement, not holding required board meetings and violating the state’s child abuse reporting laws. That’s according to a district report.

District staff say the school did not address or refute their findings. Parents, teachers, students and administrators spoke for and against revoking the school’s charter for more than 30 minutes at last night’s school board meeting.

Some parents said the new principal had ruined a vibrant community. Those supporting the administration said it was unreasonable to expect the school to address such a long list of issues in just over a month.

Board President Richard Barrera said new promises to remedy problems ring hollow.

“What I don’t trust – because I haven’t seen evidence of it with the staff analysis and recommendations - is that if we don’t move forward with the next step in this process that the current administration of this school will take seriously an invitation from the district to try to sit down and try to work this out,” Barrera said.

The board voted 3-to-2 to issue a notice of intent to revoke the school's charter. Next, school community members will have the chance to advocate for keeping the school open at a public meeting.

The possible closure of the school comes just a year after Promise students raised their test scores to meet state targets.

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antoniofielflores | June 8, 2011 at 9:44 p.m. ― 5 years, 8 months ago

There is much more to this story than meets the eye. This school has gone through 8 principals in only 8 years. Several previous principals were ousted for trying to stop the inappropriate relationships by two male teachers. A new principal finally was able to garner support from a new board to stop the conduct. Ten News did a story about this recently which was very telling. It can be viewed at

Also, the school did respond to the request from the district with over 800 pages but the district refused to hear it. The district has demanded the school reinstate the 2 former teachers and this is really more of a union battle. The school has their response posted on their website. Also the school reported the conduct to police and in fact they investigated but had to abandon investigation due to victim being to distraught to cooperate according to them...

Very interesting story...

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