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Chapter Eleven

Chapter Synopsis

Vampi and Yolo want to go home. They tell Nayeli to call Aunt Irma and have her come get them. They decide to rent a hotel room for the night. They walk north towards the border and into a taco shop. They ask for help in finding a hotel and the chef leads them to the Hotel Guadalajara. The door does not lock properly so Tacho puts the chain on the door. They shower, but with cold water and wet towels and lie on the bed listening to the people next door having sex.

At three in the morning Nayeli wakes up to whispers and the latch on their door rattling. The door pops open but is caught on the chain. Nayeli tries to wake the others, but to no avail. She sees a hand reach in to try to unlatch the chain and recognizes it as the taco chef. Just as he is about to get the chain off she kicks the door closed on his arm. She holds the door against his wrist and slams into it. She snaps his pinky. She pulls the door and through the gap sprays pepper spray into his eyes. The others wake up and cheer her on. She opens the door and kicks the crumpled man on the floor and tells him to stay away from her friends or she’ll kill him.

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