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Chapter Twenty Eight

Chapter Synopsis

The duo stops in Salina, Utah to fill up on gas and eat. The attendant corrects Tacho’s pronunciation of Salina and tells him “This is America, Bud.” They continue on their way and stop again sometime later in Green River. Nayeli notices everyone in the gas station is very serious. They cross the road to a Mexican restaurant. Sitting down, they greet the chef and waitress in Spanish. The waitress (the chef’s wife) brings them menus, waters and chips. They thank her in Spanish, but she tells them "We speak English here." Their food is brought and the chef asks them how it is. The respond in Spanish it is delicious and he corrects them to speak English. He asks if they are on vacation, but they tell him they have come for work. He asks where they came and how and Nayeli replies they came “across”. The chef starts yelling at them and tells them to get out. He screams he came here legally and doesn’t want anything to do with illegals. They run out crying and drive away. After a while of driving they stop again and at the convenience store buy a twin towers statue for the dashboard, an American flag decal, and a homeland security t-shirt.

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