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Roundtable: Mayor’s Race, Campaign Finances, Jails Filling Up

Evening Edition

Kevin Crowe, a reporter for Investigative Newsource, talks to KPBS about campaign finance.

Aired 6/1/12 on KPBS Midday Edition.

Guests: Katie Orr, Metro Reporter, KPBS News

Kevin Crowe, reporter, Investigative Newsource

Dana Littlefield, reporter, U-T San Diego


The Mayor's Race: The latest wrinkles in the Mayor's race include threats of slander suits against local television stations by Carl DeMaio and more debates.

A 10News poll shows DeMaio's numbers unchanged, while Bob Filner and Nathan Fletcher have gained some strength. Bonnie Dumanis remains in last place.

Some interesting and well-known outsiders have endorsed (or almost endorsed) Nathan Fletcher, but television ads continue to spray him with negative shrapnel.

Campaign Finances: Who's self-financing and who's not? In the Mayor’s race, Nathan Fletcher has raised the most money from outside sources. Carl DeMaio has raised the most total funds, but he lent himself three-quarters of a million. Scott Peters has lent himself $1 million in the 52nd congressional district race.

SuperPACS are playing a role in funding San Diego races and candidates, as are "ordinary" political action committees whose contributions are limited.

City propositions A and B have also attracted large contributions.

San Diego Jails Filling Up: Just a few years ago, overcrowding in California’s prisons was so severe that beds for nearly 20,000 inmates were were packed into gymnasiums and classrooms.

In October, 2011, the legislature, responding to a Supreme Court mandate, shifted responsibility for non-violent and non-serious offenders from the state to county jails. Now those makeshift beds are empty.

Prisons are safer as a consequence, but the jails are filling up. Sheriff Bill Gore says San Diego County is handling the load and could do a better job at rehabilitation than the state – with proper funding.

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laplayaheritage | June 3, 2012 at 8:39 a.m. ― 4 years, 9 months ago

New video highlights Bob Filner’s experience as a regional leader!

See why so many voters know that Bob Filner is the only candidate with the leadership and experience needed to move our City toward a brighter future. As Bob said himself, we have the opportunity during this election to choose a new direction:

“Why not have a city where we dream again of greatness? So let’s dream! And working together we will make San Diego America’s greatest city.”

This election is nowhere near decided! Every vote will count, so please forward on to friends and family!

Please Like Bob on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. .

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