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High Court Rejects Christian Campus Groups’ Appeal

The Supreme Court has turned down an appeal from Christian groups that challenged a discrimination policy at California state universities.

The justices on Monday are leaving in place a federal appeals court ruling that found that the policy doesn't violate the Constitution. The policy says officially recognized campus groups can't discriminate based on religion or sexual orientation.

A Christian fraternity and a sorority at San Diego State University sued in 2005, arguing that the policy violates their religious freedom. The groups are restricted to Christian members.

The case is Alpha Delta Chi-Delta Chapter v. Reed, 11-744.

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Peking_Duck_SD | March 19, 2012 at 7:02 p.m. ― 5 years ago

I wish this article was more precise and specified what this is actually about - the public university giving these Christian groups **MONEY**.

Much like the larger "war on religion" that right wingers have invented for political purposes, this is actually about money.

I am very disturbed that the media is ignoring this for some reason.

For example, with respect to the whole national debate about freedom of religion in regards to contraception, the entire crux of the issue was about what churches could do with **money they receive from the government**, yet the media portrayed it as a general war on religion, or the government telling churches how to pend their private funds which was **not** what was happening.

I see the local media doing the same thing here.

Portraying this as a general assault on "campus Christians" and failing to specify the actual dispute which is that these groups want to accept university **money** but not abide by the university's anti-discrimination policies in intellectually dishonest.

What we have going on in our country right now is disturbing.

We have religious organizations who have these entitlements to public funding, yet they want to be exempt fom secular laws and policies.

This in not a war on religion, but rather a war on religious organizations waging extortion against the government and a media that seems overwhelmingly complacent.

I say the same thing to these campus groups that I said about the Catholic Church when thy whined about the stipulations attached to their handouts fom the government: **if you don't like the policies of the government or institution, then don't take their money**.

Ok, Campu$ Chri$tian$??

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