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Bob And Ray: All-American Americans


Maureen Cavanaugh


David Pollock, author, Bob And Ray: Keener Than Most Persons


Populated by the likes of the redoubtable Wally Ballou; Clifford Fleming, Mr. Washington Weather Man; and Clyde L. "Hap" Whitney, Interbureau Regional Coordinator, the universe of comedians Bob and Ray was at once quite ordinary and blissfully whacky.

"Everybody thinks they adore them and nobody else will get it," Bob Elliott's wife Lee once said. Mused Andy Rooney, "There are a lot of people who think, as I do, that they appreciate Bob and Ray more than anybody else does."

Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding wrapped a nationwide radio following around their little fingers for several decades. With trepidation, they segued into stage and television in the early '70s, when radio sputtered out as a mass entertainment venue. The duo was together for 43 years, longer than Abbott and Costello, Burns and Allen and Martin and Lewis.

David Pollock has written a new book which, for the first time, delves into the personalities of Bob and Ray (or personal personalities, as they might say) themselves. "Bob and Ray: Keener than Most Persons" is a nod to one of their parodies, "Mr. Trace: Keener Than Most Persons."

Here, presented with the utter seriousness which is their due, are some others. Read and enjoy these titles:

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