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San Diego Officials Working To Make Bicycling Safer

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - The City Council is embarking on an effort to improve infrastructure in the city of San Diego to make bicycling safer.

The council's Land Use and Housing Committee on Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution calling for bicycle safety to be made a priority for city officials. The document will next go before the full City Council for final adoption.

Committee Chairwoman Lorie Zapf said there has been a rash of collisions between bicycles and vehicles in her district and throughout the city lately, some fatal.

"I felt that we can raise the focus and make this a priority to provide safe and connected bike access for the public,'' Zapf said. "I believe the city should not just see this as a land use goal, but actually purposefully take steps to make this happen for the public.''

She said bicycling should be a safe and efficient option that's just as convenient as driving. Improvements can be part of renovation and retrofitting projects that occur throughout San Diego, she said.

"From my perspective, it's also more healthy and enjoyable and you also get to enjoy the great San Diego outdoors,'' Zapf said.

The resolution suggests that the city should develop a comprehensive local and regional bikeway network, prioritize and encourage bicycle-friendly projects, streets and neighborhoods, and allow bicyclists to connect with public transit, employment centers, schools, shopping areas and recreational facilities.

The city could also improve roadway markings, build protected cycle tracks that run alongside roadways and keep potholes filled, the resolution states.

Mayor Bob Filner has already appointed a manager for city bicycling programs.

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SROB | March 10, 2013 at 2:57 p.m. ― 4 years ago

I think bicycle safety is a huge issue and it’s great that the City is taking steps to protect bikers. Often times when bikers do not have a place to ride, other than the street, accidents happen, regardless of the fact bikers follow the rules/laws. This is often because cars or trucks collide with them. Due to bikers not having any protection the injuries are often significant.
Again, I think it’s great steps are being taken to increase biker safety. I think bikers should familiarize themselves with the laws/rules where they are riding, but also read about biker safety and tips; I believe if drivers of cars and trucks read about bicycle safety that would also be a benefit.

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