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A GROWING PASSION: Cycle And Recycle

Airs Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. on KPBS TV

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Credit: Courtesy of AGP Productions, LLC

Above: Host Nan Sterman highlights DRiWATER as a great way to improve water conservation. DRiWATER is a time released irrigation solution that saves time, water and money.

More and more San Diegan’s strive to make socially, environmentally, and economically responsible choices. From earth-friendly and water wise gardens to organic foods and habitat restoration, we demand options that protect our health, feed our communities, and protect our natural resources. A GROWING PASSION is a lifestyle program that explores San Diego County’s agriculture and horticulture activities as an expression of this growing earth-friendly movement.

Photo credit: Courtesy of AGP Productions, LLC

Host Nan Sterman discusses compost.

Photo credit: Courtesy of AGP Productions, LLC

Gary Crouch of Mountain Meadow Mushroom in Escondido, where stable bedding from the County Fairgrounds is recycled into compost used to grow mushrooms, which then becomes mushroom compost available to gardeners across the region.

From backyard food production to major horticultural growers, from low water landscapes to sustainable practices around the home and in the garden, we tell stories about the natural and man-made landscapes that shape the social, cultural, environmental and economic interests of our community. We celebrate how San Diego grows. The series is hosted by Nan Sterman.

"Cycle And Recycle" repeats on Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 8:30 p.m. - What goes around comes around; that’s what recycling is all about. Recycling is a natural part of the growing process, whether its composting waste at home to big municipal recyclers, reusing and reclaiming water to irrigate plants, or finding novel new for organic waste products, host Nan Sterman show us how San Diego recycles green waster and gray water, to put them back to work growing more.

A GROWING PASSION is on Facebook, and you can follow @GrowingPassion on Twitter. Share photos and follow the series on Instagram.

Episodes of A GROWING PASSION will be available for online viewing following the broadcast.

Full Episode: A Growing Passion: Cycle & Recycle (Expires 6/30/16)

What goes around comes around. That’s what recycling is all about. From composting to fertilizer to recycled water, recycling is a vital part of the growing process. In this episode, host Nan Sterman show us how San Diego recycles its green waster and its water, and how its put back to work growing more.

Full Episode: A GROWING PASSION: The Business Of Blooms

San Diego is one of our nation’s top cut flower producers. Host Nan Sterman visits a hardy few who are helping San Diego’s floraculture industry to survive and thrive.

Full Episode: A Growing Passion: California Native Grown (Expires 6/30/16)

They are in our canyons and hillsides, estuaries, mesas and mountains.They are native plants and San Diego has an astounding diversity of them, from desert to coast. Many make great garden plants. In this episode, host Nan Sterman will visit native plant gardens, growers, and restoration specialists who will help us appreciate these gems of the natural and backyard landscape.

Full Episode: A Growing Passion: Growing Your Own (Expires 6/30/16)

If you’ve ever wondered if you could grow your own vegetables, we’ll show you that you can in this episode. From starting seeds and seedlings, to gardening with children, to building your own raised bed, host Nan Sterman shows how experts and novices grow edibles.

Full Episode: A Growing Passion: Waterwise & Wonderful (Expires 6/30/16)

Watch Waterwise & Wonderful on PBS. See more from A Growing Passion.

With only eleven inches of rain a year on average, San Diego’s hot dry climate can be tough on garden plants. In this episode, host Nan Sterman takes us to a look at climate appropriate gardens in home and commercial landscapes. From low water plants, to water smart designs, we’ll show you beautiful gardens that are low water winners.

A Growing Passion: How to Start Seeds

How to Start Seeds from Gerdes Creative on Vimeo.

Want to grow something you don’t see in your nursery of local garden store? Gardening expert Nan Sterman shows you the method to successfully starting seeds that you can transplant to your vegetable garden. Dig a little deeper! It’s not as hard as you think. A GROWING PASSION debuts May 2, 2013 and runs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 4 p.m. for 12 weeks on KPBS TV.

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